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Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu 5Days/4Nights

Tour al Machu Picchu

Salkantay Trek 5d/4n CLASSICAL TRAIL

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From : 520.00 USD$
Places to visit : Machu Picchu
Lenght : 5 Dias, 4 Noches
Frequency : Previa Reserva
Group : Min. 5 / Max. 15
Physical Grading :

Salidas diarias, no esta sujeto a espacio, hay total disponibilidad. Disfrute del mejor trekking de Perú para ir a Machu Picchu.


If you couldn’t book in advance and have an available place in the classic inca trail, Don’t Worry because we want you to enjoy so much this trip reason by which we offer you  alternatives trek to Machu Picchu, hiking by different altitude like the classic inca trail.

SALKAN = SAVAGE; QAY: ESTE ES. I mean “Savage is this”, I don’t need to explain why? Let work to he tour guide on the trail. But the great mountain which you will see, is a big snow-capped mountain ,which has 6572 masl and consider by Quechuas People as an APU, “Mountain spirit”. The pilgrims still give offering.

This is your itinerary:


(3400 – 3000 – 3500 – 3800 masl / 11150 – 9842 – 11482 – 12467 feet)

We don’t use “the Peruvian time”, we like “Inca Time”, this mean we pick you up early in the morning from the hotel where you are staying, this will at 4:00 O’clock, because we need to drive from Cusco to Mollepata which journey last 1 hour and 30 minutes, once there if you didn’t have chance for breakfast at hotel, no worries please, because we stop at Mollepata village, them be need to drive by 45 minutes to Marq’o Q’asa, this is not the boring and tradicional way, this option has a nice views  and of curse because the first day should be a training day, will be easy ,we start hiking at 3500 masl = 11482 feet, after 3 hour hiking we arrive to SORAYPAMPA, for lunch having a nice view to SALKANTAY MOUNTIAN, our YAWAR PERU TEAM will make to feel a trip on your home, the food , you have on trail will be the best in all the Cusco.

After lunch we have 2 more hours hiking up to the mountains, getting to SALKANTAYPAMPA, located at 3800 masl = 12467 feet, we camp the first night, experience below 0°, we don’t want to scary you. Some people camp at Soraypampa and is so noisy, but at this altitude will be quite, just nature and us. This night will cold reason by which bring even lamas.


(3800 – 4630 – 3900 = 12 467 – 15 190 – 12 795 feet)

After surviving the first cold night, early in the morning the YAWAR PERU TEAM crew will wake you up with an hot and sweet Coca tea, after breakfast we need to start hiking to our challenge which is the Salkantay pass 4630 masl = 15 190 feet, once on top will be easy starting hiking down to HUAYRAQ PAMPA the lunch place. This is located at 3900 masl =12 795 feet, this spot is the mixture between the highland and jungle, having the chance to see “The Elfin Forest”, lush vegetation. After lunch hiking by 3 hour getting to CHAULLAY 3100 masl = 10 170 feet, nice weather no really cold a little bit humid. We camp tonight, dinner.


After a nice wake up in the Salkantay valley round by lush vegetation of the Elfin Forest, we have the perfect breakfast a little hiking by 5 hours, easy day to have energy for the next day.

Because you are on holidays, we look the comfort and tranquillity of the nature for you, reason by which we don’t camp with tourist people who want to have party. SAWAYACO is located at 2100 masl = 6890 feet, the third day is easy because we need to take a rest a recharge body with energy, next is coming the next challenge, hiking to LLAQTA PATA Mountain, which is located at 3100 masl = 10 170 feet.


 IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A SCENERY like INCA TRAIL this is the proper place to Have good view, even from this spot you have chance to see Machu Picchu from distance, don’t lose to explore the inca site, them start the downhill 1000 meter hiking down, TAKE YOUR TIME. Once we are getting to Hydroelectric or Hydropower, we have lunch. We don’t want make suffer that’s why you will take train to Machu Picchu Town instead to hike 10 more kilometres. Once in Machu Picchu Town take a rest at the hotel, dinner at night.


Watch out, this day is our last challenge in our pilgrimage to Machu Picchu Sanctuary, because once we wake up early in the morning we need to hike by 1 hour and 30 minutes, it will be nice experience walking in the dark, at 4:30 am, once in Machu Picchu, we could say “I’m still alive, I’ve survived the Salkantay Trek”. Train in the afternoon and car to Cusco.


  • Transporte privado hasta Mollepata
  • Guía profesional ingles español
  • Entrada a Machupichu
  • Alimentación completa durante el trek, snack
  • Arrieros y Caballos.
  • Equipo Completo de campamento
  • Tren retorno a Cusco
  • Equipo de primeros auxilios.
  • Balón de oxigeno
  • Ticket de tren Hidroelectrica
  • Matras
  • 01 caballo de silla o de emergencia ( en caso de necesitar uno más solicitarlo con costo adicional )


  • Desayuno el primer dia
  • Bolsa de dormir.
  • Almuerzo del 5to día en Aguas Calientes


  • Una buena bolsa de dormir ya que el 2 día es el más frió
  • Ropa abrigadora y ligera
  • Guantes
  • Poncho para lluvia
  • Repelente para mosquitos
  • Bloqueador solar
  • 02 mochilas ( una grande para que el caballo lleve y otra pequeña para que el pasajero
  • lleve su agua, cámara, etc..)